Investing in WOMEN in infrastructure IS development

Across Africa, investments are being make in infrastructure


WINDE is a private social impact investment company based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Our strategy is to acquire an equity stake in strategic infrastructure and related projects and to drive the participation of women SMEs as shareholders, procurement partners and service providers. 

We accomplish these objectives by:

Investing in strategic infrastructure projects and leveraging our position as shareholders and board members to influence procurement policy to include more women and historically disadvantaged persons

Investing in ongoing training and capacity building for our shareholders who are some of the most experienced women industry players in Africa

Matching women SMEs with skills, experience and competencies to meet the demands and specifications of our investment project managers

Program management of our members’ participation in our strategic investment projects to ensure that project specifications are exceeded and excellence is delivered across our entire value chain



Women and communities participating meaningfully in the infrastructure development industry, including the design, construction, operations and maintenance of infrastructure

Women empowered to equip themselves through capacity building, skills development and training

Women to benefit economically through employment opportunities, poverty eradication and social entrepreneurship

Women and communities to benefit economically from investment opportunities in infrastructure development

African women across the continent socially, economically and spiritually empowered to assume their role as partners across the full value chain of infrastructure development


To identify and bring opportunities that lead, equip and enable women to participate and benefit from infrastructure development across the continent


Integration of social and economic infrastructure, improving the quality of life of communities and harnessing the power of African women to make life BETTER


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Investing in WOMEN in infrastructure IS development

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